Peter van Eijndhoven


Peter is founder of Senter and a recent start-up called Self-Sentered. He started experimenting with Self Quantification; the integration of intimate technology in people’s life in order to collect personal data and provide feedback loops. He believes the combination of Quantified Self (QS) with Coaching creates a “technological sixth sense” that provides feedback. This will help his clients to change their behavior, in order to improve their happiness, wellbeing and performance.

Personal experiments are learning Peter both the benefits and downsides of QS, so he get’s insights in the ethical aspects and effective use of these instruments. He analyzed his balance in minerals, hormones, neurotransmitters and gut bacteria. He tracked and shared his mood, sleep, activity, weight, BMI and his heart rate variability. He tries ancient old methods like meditation, breathing exercises and ice baths and measured his HRV during those events. His next project will be comparing his brain waves during meditation with a very experienced (former) monk.