Hidde Boersma


Human progress comes from the exchange of ideas - the unique feature of ideas having sex. Next Nature is the breeding place.

Hidde Boersma is a freelance publicist and ecomodernist, writing for Volkskrant, Groene Amsterdammer and Vrij Nederland, amongst others. He co-wrote 4 books, including 'Ecomodernisme - het nieuw denken over groen en groei' (2017), en 'Meer - waarom overvloed de wereld juist duurzamer en welvarender maakt' (2020). He furthermore makes science-based documentaries with his production house Sugar Rush Film. In 2017 he debuted with 'Well Fed', on the effect western resistance to genetically modified crops has on the lives of poor farmers. Hidde is a 3 times TEDx-speaker. He has a PhD in microbiology.