Hendrik-Jan Grievink


We have to explore what it means to stay human in a world that is becoming increasingly standardized

Hendrik-Jan Grievink is designer at Next Nature Network since 2007. He is an expert in translating philosophy into clear-cut objects and experiences. Since 2007, Hendrik-Jan has been responsible for what he calls ‘R&D&D’; the research, development and design of much of the content and visual output of the network.

Projects Hendrik-Jan has worked on include co-editing and design the Fake for Real memory game, about the tense relation between reality and simulation; co-editing and design of the book Next Nature: Nature Changes Along With Us; content development, art direction and design of the NANO Supermarket, an exhibition disguised as a supermarket about the impact of nanotechnology on our daily lives as well as content development, art direction and design the In Vitro Meat Cookbook, which explores the creative potential of lab grown meat through 45 speculative recipes.

Hendrik-Jan frequently gives talks. He initiated the Reprodutopia project, a research into the impact of artificial reproductive technologies (such as artificial wombs) on intimacy, relationships and and the family of the future.