Francesca Barchiesi


“Sky is not the limit, on an universal scale, we are too small to think small”

Joyful and dynamic spirit from Italy, Francesca likes to know how things are made and work, experiencing the world with fascination and curiosity.

She is graduated with honors in Industrial Design and holds a master in Product & Communication Design achieved in Italy. Later she expanded her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven where she started enjoying the Dutch environment.

At Next Nature Network Francesca plays a multidisciplinary role, contributing and following various projects using different design medias, from photography to handcrafting. In addition she helps the office to run smoothly, by managing everyday matters with practical sensibility and adopting creative solutions.
With a special involvement in Culinary Arts, among other work, she designed the Coating Cola and created recipe models for the Bistro In Vitro Restaurant.

Besides NNN she enjoys Amsterdam life sailing in the canals, crafting bizarre ceramic objects, playing piano and headbanging at metal festivals. Meanwhile she works as freelancer, invariably approaching her work with passion, sensibility and purpose.