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Office Garden

Technology domesticates us

During human evolution, work and leisure were not separate concepts. With the rise of modernity, factory and office work has domesticated us to follow clock time and artificial light. Yet how “natural” is it to sit in front of a computer screen eight hours a day? We need technology that resonates with our senses, rather than numbing them, that empowers the human condition, rather than undermining it. How can we create an office garden that teems with life and possibility?

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Has modernity fully domesticated us? Or do we still have a hangover from our tribal days?
‘If next nature includes human presence it has to take into account that human beings integrate their own rhythm with the environment’
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Time Between Emergence and Design


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The Buttons

Nitipak Samson creates conceptual buttons that move beyond the paradigm of on/off to integrate social and environmental functions.

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Experimental Office: No Chairs, No Desks

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