Avatars are commonly known as virtual characters in the digital realm representing a user. But what if avatars could house personal history, profile and ideas? Could that enable us to make decisions after we have died?

LifeNaut, has a free service called "Mind File" that lets you digitally backup the organic brain:

"A Mindfile is a web-based storage space for organizing and preserving critical information (digital reflections) about one’s unique and essential characteristics for the future, and to share with friends and relatives in the present."

The subscribing process comes down to putting stuff in a database, including an expressionless photo, which LifeNaut automatically turns into a lifelike, blinking and talking avatar that functions as a visual interface, ready to interact with you and others --  including your descendants!

Backup your brain and live forever.

Via Newscientist.com

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  • The idea of mind-uploading is not currently feasible, and the amount of information this website archives is trivial compared to the amount stored in the brain. However, I do think that someday we will be able to make digital copies of the brain with great accuracy, and with this we will be able to "live forever", in a sense. It's a wildly strange future that awaits us.

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