The Eco Pod is a experimental design proposal towards the production of clean and renewable energy, which should operate in old, abandoned buildings. Pending an eventual recovery, these buildings become vertical bioreactor that supports micro-algae which produce energy for the city.

The idea comes from the American studios Höweler + Yoon Architecture and Squared Design Lab. It was created to stimulate the economy and ecology of the city of Boston.  This way, structures, ruins of abandoned buildings are turned into high-impact capsules coated with multiple ground source of bio-fuels. In this case the micro-algae is 30 times more efficient per acre than traditional.

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  • Good point Colin, the post was a bit lyrical and has been toned down a bit now.

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  • "The Eco Pod is a new method to produce alternative energy..." The Eco Pod is an untested, light-on-details design proposal - not a new method or anywhere near being practical. The post makes it sound rather like they have prototype untis humming away in the lab.

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