Visual of WiFi Angels

WiFi Angels

Listen to WiFi networks

WiFi radiation is all around, yet invisible to our human senses. The WiFi Angels app lets you sense electromagnetic radiations by turning the WiFi networks around you into a choir of singing angels. Next time when you search for WiFi, just follow the angels.

Listen to WiFi networks

The WiFi Angels smartphone app allows you to listen to the WiFi networks in your environment. Every network is translated in a singing angel. Together they create a choir. WiFi Angels is available for Android only, as iOS for iPhone doesn’t allow developers to make the required WiFi measurements.

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Imagine you can hear WiFi

Every area has its own soundscape. Streets, parks, subways, hotels, highways and beaches all sound different.

Electromagnetic radiation:
a health risk?

While in old nature people used to build shelters to protect themselves from natural forces like wind and rain, today some people intuitively start to protect themselves from nextnatural forces, like electromagnetic radiation caused by WiFi signals. Are there health risks related to WiFi radiation? The World Health Organisation has examined the topic and concluded “current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields. However, some gaps in knowledge about biological effects exist and need further research”. Visit their website for more info.

The World Health Organization

A special sense for WiFi

Imagine you could listen to WiFi networks, a special sense to hear WiFi signals. As you move around the city passing different networks, the soundscape changes. Recurring networks would become familiar refrains, as do the melodies created by home and work routers. You would maybe end looking for isolated areas to enjoy the silence of a location without WiFi connections, or you would gather in crowded places to listen to wireless signals concerts. How do you imagine the sound generated by WiFi networks? A continuous stream of pips and beeps, whistles and crackles, or – like us – a celestial choir?

What would the world sound like if WiFi networks were audible?

Check the video to experience the difference between a rural and an urban area.


Experience the networks around you in this moment

Download WiFi Angles on your Android smartphone.

Unfortunately the Wifi Angels app is only available for Android, since Apple iOS doesn’t allow to take the measurements needed by the app.

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  • Direction

    Concept & Direction: Koert van Mensvoort, Floris Kaayk

  • Production

    Audio Score: Rugter Zuydervelt
    Vocals: Edita Karkoschka
    Design & Implementation: Studio Sophisti
    Supporting Graphics & Video: Francesca Barchiesi, Wei Chen

  • Support

    Realized with the support of Dutch Cultural Media Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL, Doen Foundation.

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