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Smartphone Movie

Ever left your phone at home by mistake and felt like you are missing a limb? Turns out, a lot of us feel that way. We need to talk about smartphones. SWIPE is a movie about your phone, on your phone.


The Smartphone movie about you and your most intimate companion… your phone. Experience the impact of your phone on your lifestyle and communication. A visual love letter to that gadget you can't live without!

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A Smartphone movie about your phone

SWIPE is a movie made to be watched on your phone, and it shines a light on how much we depend on our smartphones today. The film uses creative chat messages to show how our way of talking has changed now that we're always texting, swiping, and chatting. It's like the movie is saying, "Hey, remember when Marshall McLuhan predicted back in 1964 that people and technology would start to merge?
Well, it's happening."

Welcome in the Phone Age

The average person unlocks their phones 150 times a day, how natural is that? On a global scale, more than 5 bilion people have access to a mobile phone connection, and over half of these are smartphones. And let’s face it: these numbers continue to grow. We are now living in a world where more people have access to mobile phones than clean toilets. This fact is equally alarming as significant. It’s a sign of our times. We are living in the Phone Age.

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.”

- Steve Jobs, at the first iPhone launch in 2007

The app will test your attention span

SWIPE is free to download and watch. You can explore all the content in 15 minutes or swipe through it faster. After that the app will be yours forever. However, if you leave the app before completing, you will have to buy it back for 99 cents.
If you are distracted, it will cost you.

The Smartphone as Next Nature

From StoneAxe to SmartPhone

In the Stone Age people used stones as their main tool. In the Phone Age this has become the phone. The phone has made profound changes to the way you navigate life, nature and time as it helps you survive the current era.

Vital assessory

People check their phones 150 times per day, and sending an average of 110 text. 46 percent of smartphone users say that their devices are something they 'couldn't live without'

Evolving language and Identity

The digital age brings new words and ways of talking, changing how we chat and see ourselves. Digital natives get it easily, while others are catching up, learning this digital language.

Digital parasites

Although the smartphone is designed to empower individuals, is also exerts control over them. En mass, people plunged into an endless cycle of scrolling, swiping and refreshing. We became slaves to the devices we once controlled. Are we still human? Are we users? Or mere sensors of a superorganism that thrives on our data?

The phone as a body part

Your phone connects you and the world. It's so close to you; it is like an extra body part, you can no longer function without. Even if it's not physically integrated into your body, your phone is nested deep under your skin.

Swiping between mind and matter

Your finger bridges mind and matter. You live and breathe in an interspace, swiping and absorbing information in your bloodflow. Checking your messages is the present way of daydreaming. Endless swiping feels like drugs.

Our tools shape us

The merging of people and technology has been going on for quite some time and has been given different names; AI and robots are currently the best known, but we cannot yet predict what technological humans will look like in 100 years. The smartphone functions like a mirror that we hold up to ourselves and is today the instrument with which people can shape their lives.

We co-evolve with technology

Bees did not always live in colonies. Humans were not always glued to smartphones. Will your phone parasite on you, or turn you into an angel?

SWIPE is a visual love letter to that gadget you can't live without!

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Swipe credits

  • Team

    Director Mieke Gerritzen
    Assistant Director Honor Newman
    Graphic Design Thonik, Mieke Gerritzen
    Chat Animations Thonik
    Video Edit Honor Newman
    Sound Design & Edit Marco Vermaas (Studio Vermaas) & Kazimir Lovink
    Sound Library Henry Drenth
    Chat Sound Design Ymer Marinus
    Programming App Skye Ewers
    Glossary Text Writing Beau Magdelijns
    Production Next Nature
    Advisors Ruben Baart, Koert van Mensvoort, Geert Lovink

  • Thanks to

    Laura van den Brink, Eleni Maragkou, Sanne Heijnk, Lucas Zarzoso Hueck, Iris Brugman, Alper Çekinmez, Hester Gersonius, Christian Eckert, Tim Speetjens, Madyan Nassar, Saskia Wesseling

  • Supported by

    NL Film Fund, NL Creative Industries Fund, The Image Society, Ministerie van OCW, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Gemeente Eindhoven, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Brainport Eindhoven, Next Nature Network

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