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The robots are coming! They are getting smarter, cheaper and more reliable. How long will I have my job before a robot steals it? The industrial revolution made muscular power redundant, the digital revolution automates our thinking. How to cope with that? Are we working against, or with the robot?

16 Jobs from the future

Robots can work 24 hours a day and will never call in sick. No wonder people think that robotization will lead to job losses. But new technology can also make our work more enjoyable, interesting and humane. A horse can run faster than a human, and yet nobody claims that horses will make mankind obsolete. A man on a horse, or a man with a robot; this offers new opportunities.

HUBOT explores the future of work. Our goal is to inspire everybody, from all different levels of education, from young to old, including those who are currently excluded from the labor market. Are you ready for a challenging job?

Meet the Shiva Therapist

Shiva Therapist

The human touch has a unique therapeutic effect that a machine cannot replace. That’s why as a Shiva Physiotherapist, you are massaging with your own hands. But for the heavy work, you have four additional robotic arms at your disposal. These will allow you to work for the entire day and will enable you to give overwhelming six-handed massages. Like an octopus, but with a human sensitivity. The best massage ever!

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Air Traffic Security

As Air Traffic Security you make sure that birds stay away from the airport using your eagle drone. With an accessory console, you fly the quadcopter from the sideline to scare birds and push them away from the engine of the planes. Thanks to your work, both the birds and the passengers will always be able to take off and land safely.

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Home Healthcare Professional

As a Home Healthcare Professional, you are responsible for the support of elderly, ill or disabled people deprived of care. You used to work like a robot on a tight 15-minute schedule per client, where your main task was cleaning before you had to rush to the next patient. Not anymore! While the intelligent cleaning drone tidies the house, you have the time to talk to your patients and give them some attention.

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Exoskeleton Mover

Relocations are for big guys. At least, that’s how it used to be. Never thought that you could be a mover with your lightweight physique? As an Exoskeleton Mover, you wear a motorized exoskeleton suit that gives you the muscular power of a gorilla. The suit contains an indestructible frame, powered by a system of electric motors to support your movements without straining the body. No washing machine or piano is too heavy for you. You carry them outside as if they weigh nothing.

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Are you looking for an inspirational experience for your conference, festival, school or company? Then HUBOT is what you need! The exhibition is aimed at a wide public audience. We open the debate on the way we want to work in the future and how technology will affect our professional life. The jobs presented in the exhibition provide inspiration for a future where humans and robots will work together.

The exhibition is adaptable to different needs and can be hired including two self-driving robots, a career test, four trained agency workers and a generous amount of printed material.

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