Visual of Next Nature Habitat VR

Next Nature Habitat VR

What will be our future human habitat?

The natural habitat of the polar bear is the Arctic. The natural habitat of the scorpion is the desert. How about humans? What is our natural habitat? And how is this changing? What does it mean to live in a next nature?

For future environments

To help us understand our world, we built an immersive experience that allows us to travel through different environments where we might live in someday. We created four scenarios (Garden of Eden, Modernist Dream, Techno Favela, Hypernatural Resort) that each present an alternative view of future worlds.

We invite you to step inside our virtual reality guided tour, to discover these four scenarios and join the discussion on our possible future habitat – for the humans living in the next nature.


Where would you live?

Check the 360° video to get a glimpse of the four scenarios.

“I generally like nature, so a completely artificial world would be difficult to tolerate. However, I am not sure if we will make the best choices if we are able to control everything”
“I like that the things can be unpredictable, because when everything is controlled, who controls it?”

An award-winning experience

And the winner of the Sweden International Virtual Reality Award in the category Best 360º Video is… Next Nature Habitat VR!

According to the jury, the Next Nature Habitat VR “skillfully utilizes the VR medium and narration to take the viewer on a captivating thought-provoking visual trip about alternative habitats for humankind.”

Book the Next Nature Habitat VR

We aim to stimulate debate on how we want to live in the future. Throughout the four scenarios we explore successive habitats and their living conditions. While some of the worlds might seem beautiful at first glance, others could be regarded as dystopian. They are intentionally designed to provoke discussion. This combination challenges the audience to reflect on controversial issues, such as what the future might hold for us.

It’s possible to book the installation containing four VR headsets, two trained storytellers and a collection of wonderfully designed booklets.

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