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HUBOT: New jobs available

New jobs available!

New technology will lead to new occupations, ones we can scarcely imagine today. Who knows – before long we could be hiring data brokers to protect us from the unbridled data hunger of companies; artificial womb nutritionists to feed our unborn child; even virtual fashion designers to dress our digital selves. Still can’t picture it? That’s understandable. Our grandparents couldn't have imagined we’d be hiring personal trainers and influencers either.

HUBOT is our speculative job agency for people and robots. HUBOT explores the future of work, and shows creative ways in which humans and machines could work together. Not against, but wit the robot. New jobs are available in our virtual office at Are you ready for a challenging job?

A robot as a colleague

Picture having a robot as a colleague. One that doesn’t complain, never comes late and won’t gossip behind your back. A companion with amazing computing skills, fully dedicated to its job. On the downside, they need to be programmed and have to be given clear directions, so don’t expect them to read your mind or to patch you up after a heartbreak. Furthermore, Robots are expensive, but so are our human colleagues tho. The daily chit chat won’t be as exciting as with your fellow humans, since they only speak in binary code. Luckily, you can always switch them off.

A human as a colleague 

Let’s admit it: humans are no perfect colleagues either. At work we can be stressed, tired, angry, distracted and in general unproductive. Contributing to that unproductiveness is the fact that after work, we have to lead our lives. Preferably in an interesting way, so you can boast about it to your colleagues during lunch time. We won’t want to miss this charming trait of humanness for a bit, right? Jokes aside, humans as colleagues are also extremely valuable: with our unique capabilities to understand, evaluate, associate and create, we’re constantly improving our world. Our unpredictable, imperfect human touch is what distinguishes us from our robot colleagues. 

New jobs available!

Robots aren’t going to take everyone’s jobs, but the rapid advancements in technology are certainly changing the workforce. As a result, some of the most popular skill sets and jobs may become obsolete, while others gain new creative opportunities. Examples?

Artificial Womb Nutritionist

Nutrients are carried to the unborn baby through the umbilical cord. That is, during a traditional pregnancy. In a pregnancy outside the body, a nutritionist takes care of the administration and maintenance of nutrients in the artificial womb. Working with sensitive sensors and artificial intelligence, the nutritionist oversees the various functions to support the pregnancy and keep the unborn child healthy.

Virtual Fashion Designer

As a virtual fashion designer you create garments that can only be worn digitally. This may sound like a stretch, but really, it isn’t. Our living environment is becoming increasingly digital, and so is our clothing. Using hologram technology, you can make virtual prototypes with a spatial precision and experiment with new materials. This goes beyond the choice of silk or cotton. Think of a flaming dress or a floating cloud of butterflies as a veil.

Deep Learning Trainer

Artificial intelligence is used almost everywhere in making important decisions. From tracking down criminals, to discovering diseases and tracing fraud. Yet still many mistakes are made. As a deep learning trainer you therefore work with intelligent systems in fine tuning their behavior. In a playful way you stimulate these systems to approach ideas neutrally, and teach them the art of associating and combining various streams of information.

Personal Data Broker

Without us often realizing, our personal data is being sold, traded, and shared in ways that only an expert can understand. As a personal data broker, you protect your clients from the unbridled data hunger of companies. You help your clients get the best deal when having to deal with their own digital data. Do they want to keep control and pay for their products? Or do they prefer free services in exchange for their data?

Robot Beekeeper

The robot beekeeper manages, maintains and steers a swarm of drones that are deployed in various situations. From humanitarian assistance during a disaster, to pollinating plants in case of crop failure, or digital fireworks during an event. As a robot beekeeper, you play an essential role in the social, ecological and cultural ecosystem. Thanks to your training, your swarm of drones can fly autonomously, communicate with each other, and synchronize their flight while avoiding obstacles (and each other).


As a biodesigner you do not work with robots, but instead with bacteria, fungi, algae or cells in the design process. By using living organisms as essential design elements, you develop materials and products that can adapt, nourish, grow and repair themselves. In close collaboration with scientists, you work on innovative biomaterials, and advise consumer brands and investors to work towards a sustainable future. Not against, but with nature.

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It is our goal is to inspire everybody, from all different levels of education, from young to old, including those who are currently excluded from the labor market. Are you ready for a challenging job? Take the jobtest and find out which HUBOT job suits you best.

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