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Our next savanna

Humans evolved in an environment where food had to be gathered & hunted. As we are evolutionary still attuned to this way of food finding, in many respect the concept of the supermarket is just as outlandish for us as for a caveman. If only the supermarket wasn’t such a mundane part of our life, we would realize how exceptional this environment really is: the supermarket is our next savanna.

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Biodiversity in the Supermarket
‘One wonders how the caveman would look at us – those oddly dressed cart–pushing–beings, with t-shirts, sneakers and haircuts, he would bump into between the shelves’
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Supermarket – Our Next Savanna

Van Mensvoort

We are living in the future and we find it boring. The best place to gather evidence for this claim is the supermarket. …


The short film Kapitaal gives you an impression of the enormous amount of visual stimuli that plague us every day. Created by Studio Smack.

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Van Mensvoort

Fruit does wonders for your health. No doubt about it. It is recommended to consume two pieces of fruit each day. One.. …

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Orthorexia Nervosa: the "healthy" eating disorder

Van Mensvoort

Following anorexia nervosa (under eating) and bulimia nervosa (overeating and compensating), orthorexia nervosa …

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The Stray Shopping Cart Project

Van Mensvoort

"Until now, the major obstacle that has prevented people from thinking critically about stray shopping carts has been …