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Society of Simulations

Simulations are now more meaningful than the reality they represent

The media have become our filters through which we survey the world around us. We see more images every day than a person living in the Middle Ages in a whole lifetime. Plastic surgeons sculpt flesh to match retouched photographs in glossy magazines. Virtual computer worlds are becoming increasingly ‘real’ and blended with our physical world. People drink beverages with non-existing fruit flavors. We wage war on video screens. Birds mimic mobile–phone ring tones. Do we still have genuine experiences at all, or are we living in a Society of Simulations?

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“Was nothing real?” “You were real Truman. That's what made you so good to watch”
‘Our brains have only limited capabilities for understanding media’
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A Society of Simulations

Van Mensvoort

An interviewer once asked Pablo Picasso why he paints such strange pictures instead of painting things the way they …

Sight: As Second Life becomes First Life

This short, created by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, portrays a speculative future wherein we all walk around with contact lens-like devices that augment our reality.

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Out of Network

Santiago Zabala

When we type “Flickr” or “Facebook” or “YouTube” into a browser, we seek to enter social networks and enjoy secure …

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Michael Najjar – High Altitude

Van Mensvoort

The rock formations in the High Altitude photo series don't exist physically, yet they are very present in our society …

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Norwegian boy saves sister from moose attack using world of warcraft skills

Van Mensvoort

Hans Jørgen Olsen, a 12-year-old Norwegian boy, saved himself and his sister from a moose attack using skills he picked …