Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade and Cooper Hewitt in New York present the comprehensive exhibition NATURE - in which internationally renowned designers, artists and inventors present their perspective on nature. From biotechnology to datavisualization, from renewable energy to urban farming: NATURE shows the real impact of design and its ability to renew the balance between the born and the man-made.

New narratives

Nature is changing under the pressure of our contemporary human lifestyle. Subjects such as climate change, plastic soup and synthetic biology increasingly intervene with the world of art and design. Creatives reflect on the changing notion of nature and have an interdisciplinary approach to bring humans, technology and nature together.

Seven sections of the exhibition showcase the different ways in which designers and nature can work together: Understand, Simulate, Salvage, Facilitate, Augment, Remediate and Nurture.


The cover image shows the intriguing work Tranceflora by Sputniko! and Masaya Kushino. Together with scientists and weavers they created a silk textiles by injecting the eggs of the silkworm with the luminescent DNA of jellyfish and corals.

Among the exhibited projects, Dutch designer Shahar Livne contributes to the exhibition with Salvage, which explores the way in which natural materials can be applied in the field of design. Her work Metamorphism offers a fast-forward to our next nature in which we are mining metamorphosed plastics from our landscapes.

Designduo Mischer’Traxler participates with Curiosity Cloud, a project that values diversity and simultaneously emphasizes the fragility of nature with an installation of glass lights. This fits within the theme Understand, that shows projects in which designers accumulate scientific knowledge to come to a better understanding of nature versus humanity.

Alongside these projects, another 60 international designers, artists and scientists such as Teresa van Dongen, Neri Oxman and Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg showcase their take on the contemporary challenges and possibilities of nature. Don't miss it!


NATURE opens May 2019 and will be on show until 19 January 2020 at both Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade (NL) and Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York (US).

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