Imagine, it’s 2050 and you are feeling hungry. What will be on your plate? Where will your food come from, and how will it be produced? It may be juicy ants from the nearest supermarket, an cultured meat creation from our In Vitro Meat Cookbook, or powdered food that suits your DNA profile.

It may sound like a science fiction, yet the pressing challenge to feed the fast-growing population is more important than ever. Scientists, food technologists, designers, startups, producers and philosophers are now combining their efforts to design our future food system. Their shared perspective on food will be served during the upcoming exhibition Future Food by Next Nature Network, in collaboration with NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam.

You are cordially invited for a journey alongside the food of the future. Divided in the scenarios of plant-based, animal-based and functional food, visitors will get a glimpse of their future meal. Will it involve insects, in-vitro meat, genetically modified organisms, biotechnology, plant-based alternatives, food as medicine, alternative cultivation methods or entirely new sensory experiences with food?

Curated by Next Nature fellow, food designer Chloé Rutzerveld, it involves a broad range of visions by (inter)nationally renowned artists, designers and scientists. Among others, filmmaker Mathijs Diederiks shows the documentary about his year-long adventure of living on solely functional, liquid food. Ira van Eelen, daughter of in-vitro meat inventor Willem van Eelen, collaborates with the University of Bath to satisfy everyone’s curiosity and gives and insight into how in-vitro meat is made.  

design vegetables
Future Food Formula: Design your own vegetables

Future Food Formula

The interactive installation Future Food Formula by Chloé Rutzerveld invites visitors to step into the shoes of a high-tech farmer and design your personalized future vegetables.

Growing conditions like water, the amount and color of light and pH value influence the taste, color, size and nutritional value of our crops. Scientists are already experimenting with this technology, but mainly for efficiency purposes.

Because what happens if we make smart use of the technology and create entirely new generations of crops with unique characteristics? Without the use of genetic modification, but by using nature and scientific knowledge. Moving forward to an era in which we will be cooking with growth-recipes instead of ingredients!

Starting this summer, NEMO will launch programs for the public in The Studio, the new location on the adjacent Marineterrein.

The Studio

Future Food is the first exhibition in The Studio of NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. It's their additional venue that invites an adult audience to explore the fun and play in science and technology. “It is important that all citizens are informed about scientific matters and technological developments,” NEMO director Michiel Buchel states. “Not only to be able to define their own opinions, but also to actively contribute in finding solutions for their own living environment.”

Future Food opens at 10 July and will be on show until 6 October, from Wednesday to Sunday at The Studio of NEMO Science Museum.

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