Feeling tired, unproductive, hungry or even scared? This might be due to the reduced daytime light! Thanks to HumanCharger, your sun lacking office bodies are now able to get charged by a light that is channeled directly in to your brain.

Invented in Finland, a country where daylight is rare in winter time, HumanCharger is a bright light therapy portable gadget that transmits UV-free blue-enriched white light to the light-sensitive parts of the brain. The use of the device for 12 minutes a day is supposed to help you boost your attention, create a better mood and recharge your human batteries.

Even though our Earth is getting warmer, that doesn’t mean we spend more time outdoors. Our environment is shifting to the inside and with that the source of natural light gets less used. As the human cells adjust their activity with the sun, a light shortage can be responsible for several unpleasant effects you probably haven’t thought of: from sleep deprivation to a lust for carbohydrates, for instance.


Back in the 1980s the bright light therapy was the new thing, although this method takes up to three hours to be effective. At that time the general consensus was that light could only be absorbed through the eye. Now researches at the University of Oulu know better. They discovered the existence of photoreceptor proteins on the surface of our brain, very similar to those occurring in our eyes. Yet this opens up the possibility to send light to the brain tissue through the ear canals. The handy iPod look-alike HumanCharger uses this advantage to keep the human motivated, happy, productive, charged day and night.

Source: HumanCharger

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