How to get physical in a digital age? This is the editorial question of Frame's latest issue Retail Revolution. NNN fellow Govert Flint was interviewed by the magazine to discuss his collaborative project Enrichers, a design company for an environmentally enhanced future. From wallpapers that mimic leaves to moving chairs and water carpets. "We propose a sustainable design movement based on the use of environmental simulation to increase wellbeing," Flint explains.

As we spend most of our time indoors, our surroundings should be adapted to this habit. Such spaces currently "have characteristics that are very different from those of the fields and forests that human evolution intended for us to experience," says Flint. Enrichers sets out to create an environment that optimizes our neurological functioning and prepares us for a time in which "technology will enter every cell of the body". In other words, our physical bodies will fully merge with their digital counterparts.

The interactive wall that Flint conceived functions as both an interface and a computer, but still requires a human touch. In this case, the body becomes the control unit and the environment its interface. Through physical input from the user, the wall produces movement that challenges the user to think about a proper response, which "stimulates various parts of the brain and activates the body's muscles." What does your wall do?

So move away from those boring white walls and get the most out of your indoor experiences with an enriched environment! It is possible to get a taste of the project by visiting Schiphol Amsterdam airport, where Flint installed an Enriched Office, combining specific objects from the Hypothesis Collection for visitors to experience how enrichment could affect their lives. Learn more.

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