The ECO coin is a digital currency rewarding people who are actively contributing to a more sustainable world. We believe that if you do something good for our shared ecology, then you should be rewarded for your actions. This year we are very fortunate to find a fantastic community at DGTL Music Festival who will help us to deliver our first grand experiment in Amsterdam.

DGTL festival strives each year to be as circular and sustainable as possible. DGTL’s Revolution program has already implemented an entirely meat-free festival (perhaps in-vitro meat will be next?), powered the grounds using green energy and even created onsite plastic recycling facilities to make eco products during the festival. Many of their sustainable improvements happen behind the scenes and so for DGTL to become completely circular they need to get festival goers to change their behaviour too.

To tackle this problem, NNN will launch a community experiment of the ECO coin at the festival on the 15th and 16th of April. Anyone of the 40,000 people attending DGTL who carries out environmentally sustainable actions will be rewarded with some wonderful (and exclusive) benefits. From bio ice cream to V.E.P (Very Ecological Person) access to secret areas, the ECO coin rewards will enhance the festival experience and help encourage people to change their behaviour and become more sustainable.

To find out more about our ECO coin and keep up to date with our future experiments you can now visit Here you can find the story behind the project, where you can earn your first ECOs and what we plan to do in the very near future. We hope to see you there!

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