Throughout the history of transports there have been moments that redefined the paradigm of the car. It can be the way of going from point A to point B, a machine to break velocity records and impress the audience, or your own business. The automobile has also shaped our cities and our culture, it made our streets wider, turned fields and forests into parking lots and made the air unbreathable. A new vision by Hyundai is set to redefine the paradigm of what a car is, and with it the shape of our houses and furniture may change radically. The funny thing is that it seems quite obvious, why didn’t we think of this sooner?

In the design academy, there’s a sharp distinction between architects and designers: the ones who like interior design and those who prefer automobile design. This differentiation may disappear, as Hyundai’s mobility vision is a concept car/house/seat that merges transport and architecture. The basic idea behind it is that your car is not just a vehicle, it has air conditioning, a battery, an entertainment system, comfortable and adjustable seats; why keep all this features just standing there unused in a dusty garage?

The car manufacturer thinks that merging your car with your house will provide you an emergency energy source in case of a blackout, a hygge space for visitors, comfortable chairs to watch movies and a sound and entertainment system for house parties.

You can see the concept in the video below, it may seem far-fetched but clearly there are ideas that have the potential to change for the better the way we live and consume.

Source: Hyundai

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