Are you practicing meditation? If you do that as a habit, you might already be experiencing the wide-known benefits of it. Meditation brings peace and love to our mind and soul. It's good for relaxation and it helps us to be more connected with the world and ourselves. And it’s about to get even better.

Former climate change and human rights adviser Jon Leland, together with his team, brought Animal Meditations to life. Animal Mediation is a meditation aid that works with sounds. It aims to help meditators to momentarily transform into an animal body and soul and see the world through its eyes.

For example, you’ve probably seen a clip of a sloth hanging from a tree in a morning sun, surrounded by singing birds. He’s observing how the dew on a leaf glowing with the sun rays, flickering the surface. That leaf is making him hungry. Now, you are that sloth. You could feel the sensations of this experience with detailed, layered sounds designed by the creators of Animal Meditations.

Or, imagine being a Layman albatross flying cross the surface of an immense ocean. When you spread your wings of 3.4 meters wide, feeling the wind passing you by and how it let you glide. This might bring you a brand new type of freedom.

The creators of Animal Meditation explains their purpose to reconnect us with animals with the recreation of experiences while offering a sanctuary of calmness and blessing from being. So that we can identify ourselves with other animals living on earth and feel the urge to take care of them, just like we do with ourselves.

Sources: Creators, Animal Meditations. Image: Travel Channel 

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