Biancoshock is an Italian street-artist, known for his provocative yet realistic projects. His last work is called Web 0.0, an urban activism project in which the Internet and web apps are contextualized in everyday life. It represents living proof that services like Facebook or WhatsApp have always existed and will continue to exist, even in a small provincial town almost untouched by virtual reality.

This project has been presented during the last edition of the CVTA Street Fest, held in the quaint village of Civitacampomarano. This very quiet village is located in the Italian province of Molise, and counts about 400 inhabitants, mainly elderly. In this village, rich of folk traditions, the Internet is a partially unknown reality: the phones have difficulty getting signal and data connection. A part of the village is abandoned and many houses collapsed. This setting was perfect for Web 0.0, a series of images that blend tradition and technology. The project aims to demonstrate how all virtual functions that enable interaction between users, and websites like Google, Facebook and Youtube, are not so necessary. All these technologies that we now think are vital, already existed in real life.

On the streets of Civitacampomarano, a WhatsApp-booth replaces the old-style phone booth, the town communication board is filled with Facebook events, Wikipedia is represented as an old wise woman, constantly out of the front door, available for knowledge. The virtual functions of the network, considered today as necessary and essential, can also be found where the pace of life is not affected by the Internet. The artist wants to outline the blurring boundaries between virtual and real life and how still essential our physical world is, without which there would have been no a true history.

web 0.0 twitter benchweb 0.0 projectweb 0.0 projectweb 0.0 project    web 0.0 project web 0.0 project web 0.0 project web 0.0 project web 0.0 project web 0.0 project

Source: Street Art News. Image: Biancoshock

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