You don’t have to be an artist to know that it might be hard to make a living as one. The insecure position of hoping that all investments in time, materials and tools will eventually be repaid in visibility and sales leaves artists in a vulnerable position. Ultra Violet Production House is an ingenious working model for artists to lessen risks and debts of being an artist by making use of just in time production: a strategy that attempts to eliminate waste in over-production, waiting, transportation, processing, inventories and making defective products.

UV Production House reflects on popular online platforms for maker culture: Pinterest, the place to go to get inspired; and Etsy, the place to sell whatever you DIY. Moreover, it plays on today’s native advantages of the Internet as an alternative and highly effective way of producing, selling and shipping art.

Ultra Violet Production House is an Etsy store that sells IRL Photoshop hacks; re-combinations of pre-existing products found through on demand Internet retailers and web shops. The funny Photoshop hacks are inspired on the Internet’s endless blast of niche content. Main reference points are Pinterest tutorials and Survivalism (a movement that prepares for possible societal breakdowns).

With UV Production House, founder-artists Josh Citarella and Brad Troemel are able to create art at a very high pace, and sell their artworks 24/7. No need for a fabrication studio, inventory, tools, complicated shipping procedures or clearances for visibility. The only things needed: a computer with Photoshop and an Internet connection.

Upon purchase, UV Production House provides the buyer or collector with all materials, tools and a fabrication guide to create the original work of art. All artworks are equipped with a certificate of authenticity. Collectors are responsible for the realization of the works of art, which might arrive at different times and in several boxes. Selling and buying art has never been so easy.

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Source: Post-Digital Podcast. Image: UV Production House

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