Scrip is a new "universal cash device" that brings back the old metallic sparkle of money and mixing it with today’s technology in order to fill the deficiencies of credit and debit cards. But, what’s the problem with plastic?

One of the great things about cards is that they save us from the hassle of handling, counting and carrying coins. We don’t have to worry about robbers because we know that our “real” money is safe somewhere in the bank and it feels like our pieces of plastic are always full of virtual-virtual money. But the problem is that plastic doesn’t match the ephemerality of our earnings, without coins we can no longer count our money and without cash an empty wallet doesn’t make us feel poor - because it’s full of cards! This false perception can turn credit cards into real problems.

In an attempt to tackle this issue, technology designers at New Deal Design are giving weight, texture and sensitive feedback to weightless digital money. Their aim is to restore some of the old-fashioned qualities of coins that used to make us treasure our well-earned income: "By pushing the right psychological buttons in our brains that physical cash triggers, Scrip subtlety helps us to understand each bill spent or received, bringing a visceral value back to an intangible number".

They are confident that their design will be produced, but if it doesn't they already succeeded in highlighting our need for a physical reality for something as virtual as money.

Source: New Deal Design

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