Yesterday the Bistro In Vitro Ice Cart took off for the Spring/Summer season in Vondelpark, Amsterdam. Bistro In Vitro is a fictitious restaurant with a menu of lab-grown dishes that may end up on your plate one day. We invite you to combine your favorite dishes to create your own personal menu and to reserve a virtual table. At the Bistro In Vitro’s mobile Ice Cream Cart we already give you the chance to taste one of the desserts on the menu.

BIV vondelpark Koert

You can choose from six exciting flavors: meat fruit, polar bear, bacon, ice queen, dragon and chocopanda. You can then record a video message for your future self. We will send the video back to you by email in 2028. While enjoying the ice cream we ask the following question: do you expect to eat in vitro meat in 2028? Our aim is to discuss what your opinion is on the future of meat-eating and in vitro meat. Look for the Meat Ice Cream Cart on a sunny day!

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