While man are looking like penguins in tail coats, this fashion style can also be tweaked the other way around, by dressing up penguins. Maybe penguin fashion is the wrong way to put it, since these are life saving little piece of knitwear.

The design was made by the Penguin Foundation, an organization that rescues penguins on the Australian coast who are hit by oils spills. When they find an oiled bird, the little animal needs to get a foamy bath in their rehabilitation centre. The oil dissolves the protection wax layer on the birds feathers, which makes cold water reach their body easily. As a consequence the bird can get hypothermia, that can eventually lead to their death. So while lining up for the bathtub, the penguins put on a warm jumper.

Save the penguins

Source: InhabitotsPenguin Foundation

Image: Bored PandaInhabitots

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