Customers of the Australian Telecom provider Optus didn't get as much sleep as they'd hoped last week. Due to incorrectly set switching units in Brisbane, some phones in the state's south-east automatically switched their time zone.

The glitch meant many woke an hour earlier than usual, leaving not just phone customers but whole households unhappy about rising early.

One customer said, "I've seen the clock on the microwave and also on the oven and it said five to four, and I thought that's a bit weird. Went back, checked my phone and it said five to five, checked the watch five to four, I was like oh".

"So I woke my wife up, we've got a four month old baby so she wasn't too happy about that. And I said am I going mad or is this the actual time?"

Many took to Twitter to vent about the situation.

optus tweets

The company apologized and hurried to resolve the problem.

"We'd love to say it's a great opportunity to get up early and go for a jog, but it is an inconvenience" a spokesperson told Fairfax radio.

The glitch once again reminds us how intimate technology has become in our lives.

Via NOS, Via Yahoo. Image: Shutterstock.

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