Want to know if you've had enough sun? Ask your bikini! French swimwear company Spinali Design has developed a bikini embedded with an UV sensor that inform the wearer's smartphone when the exposure to the sun has been too much.

Users need to download the related app and enter their skin type, so that the sensor knows how much time the user can spend in the sun without risking skin damage. The waterproof sensor attached to the fabric monitors the temperature. When it’s time to reapply sunscreen or move to a shady area for protection the sensor sends an alert to the user's smartphone. A “Valentine’s function” can also send a warning to the bikini wearer’s partner, so that the partner can rub some more sunscreen on their mate.

The hi-tech bikini costs about 150-200 euro. A beach towel with a similar sensor is also available. The company recently designed a children version of the swimsuit, complete with GPS alert to warn parents if kids wander off on the beach.

At the seaside without worries, but not without smartphone! If you were thinking about taking a break from technology this summer and relax on the shoreline without emails to read, calls to take and messages to which reply, just remember that your smartphone can help you get a safe tan.

Source: Telegraph

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