Carbon Dioxide is a constant threat to global warming and many experts simply see the solution to this issue in trees, which are able to consume CO2 in order to fuel life development and growth. However, researchers at Arizona State University are looking for another solution, profiting of a new technology. This team of scientists is working on an ingenious approach to carbon capture that will enhance the way plants isolate carbon dioxide from other emissions in order to contain it.

"We're essentially trying to find a way to balance the carbon budget" Christophe Jospe, chief strategist for ASU's Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, said.

This idea is based on a new air-capture technology, it consists on a way to capture existing CO2 directly from the air. This air is then condensed into fiber that can be reused in everyday manufactured goods, such as textiles, buildings cars, and so on.



Dr Klaus Lackner, director of ASU's Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, reported that "People don't grasp its sheer size; If you drive a car you put out about a pound of COper mile. Per person, we put out 15 tons of CO2 per year".

The concept is inspired by trees, and is now only used in greenhouses, to feed plants. It features plastic resin sails which can intake CO2 and store it. SHIFTBoston is a urban design collective which is just waiting for Lackner's team to wholly develop this project in order to apply it to their fake trees design, the Boston Treepods. These fictional trees will be able to intake CO2 while providing light to the squares of Boston.

"I don't think that's solving the climate problem," Dr Lackner says "but it demonstrates that the technology works."

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Source: CNN Images: SHIFTBoston

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