How many times did you refer to Facebook as a drug that gives you addiction? Unfortunately this metaphor has recently boomeranged into the physical world, in the form of an illegal Facebook-branded synthetic drug sold in Hungary.

The popular social network icon has been turned into a potentially lethal narcotic substance, probably a marketing strategy to entice drug users into trying it.

According to this drug causes sleepiness, difficulty of movement, and hallucinations; wryly one might say these symptoms sound like the effects provoked by Facebook overuse and omnipresence.

The National Public Health and Medical Officer Service in Budapest chose just Zuckerberg’s social network to issue a warning, saying that 15 people have been hospitalized due to this new Facebook-marked pill. It is assumed that a mixture of several substances is in the tablet, some kind of synthetic opioid and synthetic cannabinoid can be included.

Facebook, from its side, didn’t make any statement yet about the illicit and not flattering use of his logo, but theif reaction may come soon.

Source: Gizmodo

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