Ever feel the need to hear two digital mountains reading your tweets aloud with deep and sonorous voices? Well, even if you never consider the idea, there is a service- The Mountains of Mouthness - doing just that.

The Mountains of Mouthness is a website that pulls tweets with the word "bad" in them and uses a text-to-speech engine to give voice to animated mountains living in a digital village. These mountains shout the tweets across a beautiful village of greenery and tiny houses. You can also explore the village in virtual reality if you load the website on your phone or tablet.

The website has been created by Magnus Östergren and produced by Goo Technologies, and the mountains also read tweets with the mention @MoMouthness or the hashtag #mountains. We don't know the reason behind the creation of this absurd project, but it is certainly fun to hear your tweets read by these creepy mountains.

Source: Boing Boing

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