Wearable devices have become increasingly popular and important in design, with a particular attention to the skin. According to the researchers behind iSkin project, the epidermis is indeed the next frontier.

iSkin is a flexible, stretchable and visually customizable on-body touch sensor for mobile computing. Simply place the patch on any part of the body and you have your own touch interface. With a few simple taps you can answer calls, play music or answer an email.

iSkin can be personalized in shape and size. Besides that, it is very cheap to produce it. Without the computer chip, researches estimate a cost of about $1 for an A4-sized sheet of iSkin.

At this point, iSkin can only control a smartphone. Its creators envision that in the future, the tool could control any kind of electronic device and sense movement or biofeedback, such as body temperature. Ideally iSkin would have its own stretchable visual display and future versions could also be implemented on other surfaces beside the skin.

Story via Popular Science. Image by Oliver Dietze

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