Florian Mehnert, A German artist, has launched an experiment that will give internet users the power to shoot a rat with a single click on their keyboard or smartphone. A laboratory rat will be continuously monitored via a live webcam stream. When the countdown of 11 days arrives, on 25 March, 2015 at 19:00 (CET), a remote controlled weapon will be armed.

The poject, named 11 DAYS, is an exploration of the consequences of remote monitoring and the use of remote-controlled armed drones. It stages an armed drone’s mission, and shows what it is: the targeted killing as gamification and the consequence of total surveillance.

The author, artist Florian Mehnert, has repeatedly analyzed the relationship between people and technology in his works. About his rats execution he says: "A rat dies for the service of art. I would also prefer it would not be necessary. But people nowadays are so so jaded because art has to commit a transgression".

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Via: Itv

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