Have you ever worn a mood ring? Rings that were thought to be able to indicate ones mood through color. Whether they were reliable or not, people have been wearing them since their introduction in the mid ’70s and are still wearing them today. Currently, a Finnish design company called Moodmetric is trying to give these trinkets a modern face lift by making them digital.

Originally mood rings used thermo-sensitive liquid crystals to indicate a mood based on temperature. However, this was hardly reliable and that is why the version made by Moodmetric uses a bio-metric sensor to create this reliability. This sensor measures the autonomous nervous system signals that can be used to understand your emotional reactions. The ring gathers this data, interprets it and logs them in order to make it available on your smartphone though an app.

The device can register several moods or emotions and announces them to you. The intention for this is to make you aware of yourself and hereby get to know yourself better. The App that is linked to the ring also offers meditation and other programs to help with this and to create calmness in your body and mind.

The idea of a “modern” mood ring is nice. However, should it be connected to a smartphone? I actually liked the beauty in abstractness of the original version. What do you think?

Moodmetric_2014_bg_white_PRESS-550x400This article was originally published on Next Nature Lab

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