Our lustrous NANO Supermarket unveils new products: from the Google Nose to the self-diagnosis lens, passing through the cloud coloring rockets.

During the forthcoming Dutch Design Week, the NANO Supermarket debuts a new line of speculative products that might hit store shelves within the next decade.

Our visionary products promise to provoke debate about the day-to-day applications of nanotechnology. Among the fresh items are the Healing Game, the videogame that keeps you healthy and PastaMarine, the high protein pasta that everyone can cultivate at home. Other newcomers include the allergy sensitive cutlery, the spray to bake food, the genetically modified rose that increases the libido and more!

Come visit the NANO Supermarket to discover all the products and experience the impact of nanotechnology on everyday life.

NANO Supermarket @ Dutch Design Week

Location: 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven

Dates: 18 – 26 October 2014 – 10:00-18:00

There is more! On Saturday 18th October from16:00 - 17:00, in the NANO Supermarket, a jury of experts will award the best product a € 2.500 prize.

The 11 nominees are:

Bake 'n Spray

Coating Cola

The Healing Game



Hydrating 'Skin'


The Love Rose




The jury consists of:

Prof. Dave Blank: Nano Technology professor

Ronald van Tienhoven: Fine Artist and Design Educator

Prof Timo De Rijk: Design, Culture and Society Professor

Mieke Gerritzen: Director of the Museum of The Image

Prof Jos de Mul: professor in Philosophical Anthropology

Join us! More info on the NANO Supermarket website.

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