The omnipresence of electronic devices makes them more and more important in daily life. The Thomas Lab of the University of St. Thomas designed a new educational tool, called Squishy Circuits, to play and learn with electric circuits.

For younger generations, grown up using complex devices, it is important to learn and understand the basics of electronic circuits. Today’s children will be the engineers, designers and consumers of the future products.

Devices, like tablets and smart phones, hide all the technology inside. Squishy Circuits is an educational tool that works with two modular compounds. One is conductive, while the other one is made of isolating dough based clay that allows creating simple or more complex electrical circuits. The circuit can be easily activated through an energy source, such as a battery, a light source or an electro motor.

The Thomas Lab goal is to design tools and activities that enable kids of all ages to create circuits and explore electronics using play dough.

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