She refused to sell her home, now her 108-year-old farmhouse is surrounded by new buildings. In 2006 a construction company offered to Edith Macefield, owner of this small house in Seattle, a million dollars to demolish her home and make way for a commercial development.

Even if her answer was no, she couldn't stop the works. Today the house, where she died few years ago, is wedged between a shop and a gym.

That’s not all, if you are willing to spend your holidays sandwiched between towering concrete walls, the home will be soon available for vacation rental.

In this picture Disney publicists attached balloons to the roof of Macefield's house, as a promotional tie-in to their film Up, in which an aging widower fights against similar circumstances.

As John Zerzan says in his Essay Next What?:

“In today’s mass techno-society, community has all but disappeared. And without social bonds and solidarity, anything can and does happen.”  Suburban Utopia, indeed!

Source: Amusing Planet

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