If you are a Society of Simulations citizen and you can’t do without social networks, hashtags or tweets, even during your holidays, the Sol Wave House is the place for you. This hotel located in the Balearic Island of Mallorca is entirely dedicated to Twitter. The main goal of the structure is to make guests socialize and interact, both virtually and in person.

As written on the hotel website: “We merge the real and virtual worlds to create a totally new experience. We connect the hotel and everyone in it to their own social community where they can meet, interact, have fun, compete, experience, flirt, tweet and much more."

Together with room keys the hotel gives you access to a virtual community. Guests can log in to a custom-built app that will enable fellow customers to tweet at others staying in the hotel, share pictures, send private messages, and tweet a service request to the concierge.

For instance, to request to refill the mini-bar you won’t need to call the room service on your phone, just type your order with the hashtag #FillMyFridge and #AskMe700 to ask for any help of the hotel team. There is also a service for shy guests: if you spot someone interesting by the pool, just send a message addressed to the number of his or her beach chair.

In this place all experiences begin as virtual ones. Everything gets filtered through the social network before entering the physical world. From check in to log in, all you need is an #. Can we call this a genuine experience?

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