If Apple is right we are making strides towards a future without passwords. We’ll only need our biometric data to access to our personal devices, services and websites, for instance using our  fingerprints. It seems like we are going to identify ourselves with technology every day more.

Apple introduced its newest iPhone, which will let users unlock their devices with a fingerprint, without the need to set and remember a password.

This function simplifies one of the aspects that correlates humans and technology: security. A new password is always hard to remember, considering that we already have a lot of codes impressed in our minds, and typing it every time can be annoying.

Apart from relieve the memory, the fingerprint technology for security represents a change in our digital life: it entails the identification with something that coincides with our own person, unique and immediate.

Technology is our second skin, and now our skin becomes technology, are we already cyborgs?

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