Using a screen capture tool and Google's home page, Marius Budin has created a video that presents the true fears of humanity over the course of a lifetime. By simply typing the phrase "I’m [X] and," inserting the numbers 10 through 85, Marius reveals humanity's basest insecurities, which seem to center around pregnancy and virginity. These results are compiled using the closely guarded Google search API which means that these exact search terms have been entered hundreds, thousands or even millions of times before.

It appears that we are often searching for the same answers. It is interesting to note our habitual response is now to search google for answers to life's existential questions, rather than turning to a qualified professional or even just a friend for help. As with "Deliver us from Digital Bluntness", this appears to be evidence of a shift in human interaction directly related to technology. In a sense, our fear of judgement means we would rather seek out help from potentially unreliable, unkind or even fake strangers than go to the people we actually know.

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