Breast cancer is a disease that comes with feelings of helplessness and loneliness. This nanotechnological necklace allows you to regain some control regarding your disease, in particular, how to share your recovery with your loved ones.

By gently pushing a link of the necklace onto your skin it withdraws a small blood sample without any feeling of discomfort. This link then changes color. The deeper the color of the link the healthier you are. Such information decoration allows you to see any time of day how your recovery is progressing and communicate it with your love ones who m you learned how to read it. In this way this unique necklace symbolizes your personal story.

Please note that the Necklace does not yet exist today. It is a speculative product designed by Marco van Beers for the NANO Supermarket, who in the TEDx video talks about the why and how of his project. Go Marco!

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