* warning: high doses of irony detected in this article *

Method #01: Canning

Promotional gift 'Nature in a can' complete with soil and bean plant seeds (from DKNY, 2010).

Method #02: Yellying

Nature Tree Pure Pore Facial Night Yelly - 70 gr.

Method #03: Bottling

Ubiquitous by Naoko Ito

Jar, tree (2009)

Method #04: Drying

Hill's Nature's Best Feline Adult Chicken - 2kg

Method #05: Freezing

Together with bottled water, selling ice-cubes as a product are surely the pinnacle of preserving nature.

Method #06: Sugar

    A green phone by Daizi Zheng for Nokia

    "The concept is based on the idea to create a pollution free environment by using bio-batteries as an alternative to conventional batteries. A bio-battery is an ecologically friendly, energy supply system which uses enzymes as a catalyst to generate electricity from carbohydrates (currently sugar). In order to use the bio-battery as a power source for the phone all that is required is a small supply of a sugary drink."

Sony announced back in 2007 the development of a similar type of bio battery.

Method #07: Vacuum Packing

Nature abhors a vacuum.

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