Ten days left to submit your speculative product idea for the Nano Supermarket. The jury that will select the finest submissions – to be exhibited in the Nano Supermarket this autumn and award the 2500 euro price – consist of distinguished scientists, designers, artists, critics and thinkers. Here is the list:

Prof. Dr. Bas Haring – Philosopher, Writer, Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, Leiden Universtity

Prof. Dr. Bert Meijer – Distinguished University Professor in the Molecular Sciences, TU Eindhoven

Prof. Dr. ing Dave Blank – Professor Inorganic Materials Science, TU Twente

Drs. Karin Spaink – Writer, Columnist, Activist

Dr Lucien Hanssen – Academic Entrepreneur, Promoter of imagination in Science

Prof Dr. Ir. René Janssen – Professor in Physical Organic Chemistry, TU Eindhoven

Dr. Ir. Rinie van Est – Technology Assessor, Rathenau Institute

Ronald van Tienhoven – Artist, Design Educator, Social & Cultural Expert

Taco Stolk – Artist, Founder department of Genetic Design

We are proud to bring together such excellent people from such a broad spectrum of disciplines, who will undoubtedly be capable to judge the submission on their merits. If you haven't submitted yet, download the submission form now.

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