Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology of our time – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its consequences. Hence, this autumn 2010 the Next Nature NANO Supermarket will be presented in Eindhoven (NL): a physical supermarket featuring debate–provoking visions on possible nanotech products expected to hit the shelves between today and 2020.

Self–cleaning windows, contact lenses with a display, smart medicines that are delivered exactly on the spot, molecular printed food, blush–reducing make-up, self–healing anti scratch surfaces, nano-particle tagging spray that may identify your possessions when stolen, cyborg insects, breathing textiles, tooth phones, organic jewelry, implantable microprocessors and whatever you may think of.

We call upon designers, technologists and artists to submit their speculative nanotech products for the NANO supermarket. A selection of the projects will be presented in the Nano Supermarket and the accompanying publication. The best submission is awarded with a € 2500 price

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  • Posters on their way Alex.

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  • Dear Koert, In response to your call for entries to the NANO Supermarket, Mentally al Dente, a London based creative research group would be pleased to promote (and participate) in this years event. Our mail address follows, many thanks, Alex Mentally al Dente 82 Florence RD London N4 4DP UK

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  • We are planning to send out some posters of the NANO Supermarket call to universities, companies and institutions. If you want your organization to receive a free package, please email, tweet, facebook or comment your address to us.

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