The Bio Robot fridge is a speculative product that uses a non sticky, odourless gel to envelope stored food as individual pods. The idea is that the gel cools by absorbing heat energy, which is transformed and radiated into a different range of wavelengths. This process is conducted by colony of bio-mechanical robots that transform invisible infrared radiation into visible light.

Sans doors and drawers, the fridge can be oriented vertical or horizontal, as per the home requirements. All products are readily available, odours will not mix, the meat does not need to freeze as it is well conserved by the gel.

According to its conceptualizer, Yuriy Dmitriev, the bio-robots can identify and select a product for each of the optimal cooling rate and temperature of storage. The process of cooling is accompanied by the visual emission of the gel, which makes its operation beautiful and spectacular. Expected in the kitchen in 2050. Not sure if we still eat bananas by then, though.

Via Yankodesign

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  • Could this be used to transport donor-organs? Turn it 90º and I'd like to be buried in one :)

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