So, you are aware biotech will drive our evolution, you took the crash course on synthetic genomics, you've got your map of the DNA world in your backpack and are now eager to redesign some microbes that turn waste into energy, eat plastic or build a better being altogether? We have cake for you.

The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and Stanford University, California are starting a joint research project on Synthetic Aesthetics, drawing together synthetic biologists, social scientists, designers and artist aiming to generate creative applications of synthetic biology.

Resources will be made available for twelve funded ‘embedded residencies’, in which six artists and designers will spend two weeks in laboratories, and six scientists and engineers will spend two weeks in artistic studios and design workspaces. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the project.

Aim of the project is to construct the groundwork for future collaborations that could inform new types of engineering, new schools of art and design, and innovative approaches to the study of synthetic biology in society.


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