Sunlight Shaped Furniture

Austrian designers Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler have created a solar powered machine that makes arrays of furnishings that vary based on how much sunlight it receives over the course of a day. The machine spins spools of thread into stools, benches, containers, and lamp shades that wax and wane as the available sunlight shifts. Variations in weather, the time of year, and other environmental factors create pieces of different shape, color, and size, instilling the furniture with growing, seasonal qualities that mimic photosynthesis. The speed of the process determines the amount of saturation of the thread, giving a visual recording in the resulting object.

sunlight shaped furniture

"The idea of a tree project" shows how objects can grow over time.Sunlight Shaped Furniture

Sunlight-shaped Furniture

Sunlight Shaped Furniture

Sunlight Shaped Furniture

Quote mischer'traxler: The idea of a tree -- This concept was inspired by a certain fascination for machines and nature. A tree is a product of its specific time and place. It reacts and develops according to its surrounding and constantly records various environmental impacts in its growth process. Each single tree tells its own story of development. The goal of 'the idea of a tree'- project was to bring the recording qualities of a tree and its dependence on natural cycles into products. Therefore machines were developed which are recording and producing at the same time.

sunlight shaped furniture

Thomas Traxler just graduated from the IM Masters department of the Design Academy Eindhoven, 2008.

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