Beauty and the Geek jeans by Erik de Nijs. The trousers offer a full Querty keyboard layout as well as a mouse, speakers and a little joystick. As he calls it: "Beauty is skin deep, Geekness is to the core…"


See also: QWERTY the right order.

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  • Are these jeans for sale now... if so, where can I get them? Are these actually waterproof?

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  • types of trouser

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  • Amy

    And the best part is that from a distance, you can't really see the keyboard, so it would kind of look like the person's just sitting there, with their hands in their lap, looking at their computer... er... so I'd imagine people wouldn't want to come up and distract them.

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  • =A=

    floss! :D

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  • Jen

    um... 1 question... How would you wash them?...

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  • This project is not yet on the market. Erik de Nijs is a third year art student, not yet graduated, but I guess he will be starting his own keyboard jeans business soon. Right Erik? - And how naive of me to think this was merely design for debate.. people actually want to buy this product. Ironically I am typing this comment with my laptop keyboard in the exact position where Erik has placed it in the jeans.. and I an not even wearing jeans.. how about that!?

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  • wow.funny..How can I find this product?I want to buy

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