presidential candiates, the internet’s attention

Now that we've recognized the internet as a living entity, we can begin to wonder what the internet is thinking of. Would it be possible to communicate? Ask questions? Read its thoughts?

Suddenly I found my self wondering what presidential elect the internet has in mind and decided to conduct some research. The statistics above show the web traffic on the sites of the various president elects in the last two months. It is quite striking that the websites of the two democratic candidates generate much more web traffic than the republicans sites and that Barack Obama alone generates more traffic than all the other candidates together.

Surely, this is no guarantee that mister Obama will become the next president of the United States; the data only shows that the Internet has 'Barack on its mind'. The whole thing is a bit like the ancient Greek oracles. Luckily it is almost Super Tuesday.

View the detailed graph at Alexa.

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  • After seeing mister Mike Huckabee on TV telling his web audience was so amazingly enormous, I decided to add him as well.. I wasn't impressed but you can check the link for yourself if you want to:

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