LED dog tail communicator

'The LED Dog Tail Communicator' is an initiative of James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, and it is part of the larger 'Augmented Animals' project. Its focus points to technological innovations which are equally appreciated and used by animals', according to the artists.

“When animals are domesticated they enter an uncertain territory between the natural and the artificial. They must live within human terms and conditions, dislocated from their original environment, often leading a frustrating life. Many animals have developed ingenious mechanisms of defense, and with the help of technology they can overcome evolutionary shortfalls.” The LED Dog Tail Communicator spells out in human words the different messages that a dog wants to convey via the different speeds of its wagging tail, enabling new forms of communication between animal and humans.

Seen at the Elastic mind exhibition in the MoMA in New York. "The exhibition highlights designers’ ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and history—changes that demand or reflect major adjustments in human behavior—and translate them into objects that people can actually understand and use."

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  • If they make it as a living timepiece and then are able to shrink it down it could becaome a "watch dog".

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